So today on my way to soccer workouts there was a bomb threat near a mall on the highway which is less than a mile away from my house. Apparently some guy with post traumatic stress disorder was screaming about a bomb in his car. it backed up traffic everywhere and people were running around freaking out in the streets like the sky was falling. I haven't seen the news yet but I assume they have it under control by now. Anyways do you guys have any stories of threats causing commotion like this? Not a terribly interesting topic unless stories are awesome (I'm aware mine is not)

tl;dr there was a bomb threat less than a mile from my house and it caused a huge commotion in the streets. Anyone have any interesting stories related to this?
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tl;dr there was a bomb threat less than a mile from my house and it caused a huge commotion in the streets. Anyone have any interesting stories related to this?

There once was a bomb scare in the school right next to mine. They evacuated the other school and did not inform my school. Needless to say, all the teachers and principle coincidentally left during it.
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one of the high schools like 20 minutes away from me has had multiple bomb threats but they are all by fat crack smoking natives looking for shits and giggles, there was also threats on peoples lives carved into the walls and those people were put into protective custody, no actual bomb threats though where there was actually a bomb, just people having "fun".
We had a bomb threat at the school across from ours, and like..the SWAT and everything came. Pretty entertaining for about half an hour.
not bomb threat, but some time ago, some mugglers tried to escape by hiding within the crowds in a big mall in my city. the police followed them inside, but they couldnt find them, so they had the awesome idea to start shooting at the ceiling. everyone freaked out and started running for cover and hiding inside stores, and all that crap. i dont really know if they were captured. that's the official version, though...

some people say that they were drug dealers escaping from the police, and that there was an actual shooting between druggies and the police inside the mall, with wounded people and all that shit, but those are just rumors made bu liars trying to tell an interesting experience, and paranoid people.

I called a bomb threat to grand central station as a gift to my boss for christmas so he could spend more time with his girlfriend who was going back to Boston. Used one of my Verdukian coworker's phones too, so I didn't get any repercussions. (Cookie for reference)

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There were two bomb threats at my high school over the 4 years I was there. Both of them involved actual bombs, and both times the bombs were successfully detonated by whoever set them.

The first one was unimpressive because it was jjst a bunch of fireworks bound together in a backpack. Lots of smoke and noise but not a lot of destruction. The fire alarms went off, and when everyone left all the marching band kids had a jazz-fusion jam in the parking lot.

The other one was actually a series of firebombs strategically placed in trash cans around the school by a group of three or four people, then set off, creating much destruction and mayhem. These bombs had a very specific purpose: when the fire alarms went off, the kids who set the bombs hunted down another guy and tried to knife him as he left the building. They were arrested at gunpoint just before the victim actually got cut, but he did get 3 knives pulled on him. My British Literature class was right across from one of bathrooms the got bombed. We heard a weird popping noise and then a fwooshing, sucking noise. Smoke started billowing into the classroom so we left, and as we did we saw the bathroom glowing a vibrant orange from inside.