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I know there are probably a lot of threads like this, but I'm looking to get better at jamming. I play violin and guitar and have been working on both. I'm currently using Band in a Box to practice jamming over chord changes. It's fun, but it's getting a little repetitive. I know practice makes perfect and all, but I was wondering if I could also get better by maybe using backing tracks of songs I know and trying to create my own solo for the song. If so, where could I get backing tracks? I know they have sites where you can use them, but I'm not familiar with any of them. thanks
If you have Guitar pro or Powertab then you can use those and mute the track you're playing.
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If you have Guitar pro or Powertab then you can use those and mute the track you're playing.

can the same thing be done with tuxguitar? I had guitar pro but my computer crashed and I lost the reg. code so when I got a new computer I couldn't use it, and for whatever reason I just haven't been able to get the hang of tuxguitar
I think so, been a while since I last used it but it's not too different from Guitar Pro.

Theres a good website for song backing tracks, and if you want just a generic backing track go to youtube and type in "classic rock guitar backing track" or whatever genre you're looking for and you'll get some good backing tracks
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The art of jamming is taking what someone else comes up with and adding your part and taking it one step further. It might be good to just jump in and start playing with others. I found spending too much time playing by myself only allowed me to learn so much.

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