Ive been playing and taking guitar lessons for a year and a half right now but at the end of august i will be going off to college and unable to continue my lessons. what are the best CD/DVD or book programs you can get for electric rock guitar for a player who is an early intermediate player and wants to still get better? money is not a big factor as i have a lot of money saved up and am willing to spend for my guitar playing.
Maybe a bit late, but I highly recommend Paul Gilbert's DVDs. They are very well constructed and can give you a lot of info if you use them right. Also, Pablo is a great player and one of the best and funniest teachers around :p.

You can find some in-depth reviews on ibreathemusic and while you're there check out Eric Vandenberg's columns. He has some great lessons on techniques and such. I believe he even released them as a book, so that might also interest you.

If you want to focus more on songs and less on techniques, then you should take a look at the lick library website and their DVDs. They have some great teachers (especially Danny Gil and Michael Caswell, but the other guys are also amazing) and they teach every song in detail so it's easy to follow. Michael Caswell even answers every question you ask him in his subforum.

Anyway, good luck in your search for knowledge and I hope you can use some of this stuff .