I'm the singer for my band. I wanted to get a hard rock kind of sound out of my voice like Three Days Grace or Seether.

Is there anything I can do to get that sound or will it just come with time?
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Matured voice is important, you can try rasping up a little but don't overdo it.
This is will really get you well on your way to getting the rasp/distortion without blowing your voice out


Edit: Ahh, I read that you were born in 95. May want to chill out on the distorted vox until your a bit older but others will disagree with me hear.

REMEMBER: If it hurts, your doing it wrong and stop (do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars). You will kill your voice.
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Thanks for the link. I know I'm pretty young for this so I'll give it a go and if it hurts or anything I'll wait.
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Sounds like a good plan brudda. Good luck and come back to us whenever you have any questions. Most folks in this forum are really pretty helpful.
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Dude, if you're really 15, it's probably gonna be a while before you can sound like the guys you mentioned. Both Adam Gontier and Shaun Morgan are in their thirties. The sheer logistics of how your voice probably doesn't sound like someone twice your age will limit your ability to mimic that sound.

That being said, if you want to produce rasp, there's gonna be a little push there. It shouldn't hurt, but it definitely takes a while to get used to doing it continuously. My best advice would be to open up your sound as much as you can. The more you open it up and let it free, the more it will sound like rasp, rather than strain.
yea you may not sound exactly like your favorite singers but who wants to sound exactly like another singer? Get grit on your voice but don't try to sound exactly like any singer, sound like yourself man.