Hey i am Jon, i am looking for an amp to get... right now i have a crappy 15 watt solid state crate, and i am going to tube.. i was looking at the Peavey 6505 combo recently, and it looks really good, but it is said to be a metal amp. I play punk rock/ska punk/alternative/indie. i am in a band, and that is one of the main reasons why i need another amp. For my style of playing, what would you recommend for tube amps. I was loooking at randalls, and i heard that their not that great. so can someone please help me out and give me suggestions on what to try out at a guitar store. Thanks!

well this is totally preference but i was on the same thinking that a combo would be a lot easier to move around, but do make sure the combo doesnt weight a lot. I was about to purchase a combo that was 85 pounds. That would be a hassle to haul around. Rather take a 40 pound head and a 60 pound cab instead.

maybe a head and 1x12 or 2x12

but its all up to you
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A Marshall JCM900 combo has enough gain that it should cover all your Alt/Punk tones, has good cleans for some Indie stuff, and comes in a 1x12. And you can usually find one for around $500 on eBay.