Nope, get a morpheus droptune, i have my floyd equipped schecter set up for E standard, it can go to A standard, but naturally, no unless u want ur guitar to have the floyd really deep into its cavity, and its extremely hard to go down
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Why wouldn't it? As long as you re-adjust the springs and what not, or block the bridge with something. My Ibanez is either in D# standard, or in drop A#, and I go back and forth.
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You can put your guitar in any tunning you want...I promise it won't blow up.

When you go that low you will just need to get thicker stings and you will have to re-adjust the trem springs and maybe even the truss rod...depends on how much extra tension you are actually adding.

It can be done, but there is more to it than just changing the tunning and playing.
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