to be blunt, I play metal... so Warmoth is my modus operandi for a custom guitfiddle.... my idea is:

to get two necks both with fretboards like so:
wenge neck w. canary board (ill saw this in half and use for the wound strings)
mahogany neck w. bubinga board (ill use this as the other half for the plain strings)
of course wood glue will be used.

has anyone had experience with bubinga as a fretboard (most likely a bass player would possibly have that experience). I've read from other bass forums that bubinga as a board has a "sweet" tonal quality to it, is this true???
its also said that bubinga is similar to maple in tone, is that true? if so then why the hell not just use maple? there must be a specific reason, idk... jus trying to figure things out before actually getting this made...

and Wenge... its said that it has alot of uppermid range with warm lows combined with the canary on the fretboard, which pronounce great lows also... upper mids with great lows sounds like a deadly combination for my style...

the mahogany neck and bubinga board SHOULD sweeten up the already smooth tone of the higher notes... OR.. would these "split" woods conflict??

the rest is just (the body): mahogany w. a maple top to add more "bite" to the attack.

ONE LAST QUESTION.... ... is there much of a sound difference beween all mahogany guitars, one with a rosewood fretboard, and the other with an ebony board? if so, what are the noticible differences? sorry for all the questions
Yeah. But the same can be said for DAR amps and other amps which use "weird" tubes...dammit I want a pair of KT120s..I might blow up my amp and burn my house down, but at least I'll go out in a blaze of glory
Splitting two fret boards (especially expensive ones) and gluing them together sounds like the most stupid idea I have ever heard in my life.

Just get a rock maple neck with a ebony board, dude.

It dosn't even sound like you know much about tonewoods and you're thinking of doing something that pathetically complicated? I really wouldn't recommend doing anything like that.

I'm not being rude or anything, I just honestly think it's a really stupid idea.

If you do go through with it though, wear a mask when you cut the wenge, because if you breath in the dust, you'll die.

People over in the guitar building and customising forum will know alot more about that kinda stuff than over here, also.

But seriously man, the key to good tone is a decent guitar with decent pickups into a decent amp, played by some decent fingers. It has nothing to do with pretentious necks that are made out of 4 different exotic woods.

I swear people forget that playing the guitar is about making music.

EDIT: Unless you have money to burn, in which case do what you like, in which case, Warmouth will probably make that for you if you pay them enough. Because seriously, I challege you to buy two Warmouth necks, cut them in half and glue them together properly and make it look like a profesional neck. One slip up and you're f*cked.
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