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104 51%
No, comrade
100 49%
Voters: 204.
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Apparently now white middle-class families living in suburban areas of America are now suspected of being spies too in the wake of the recent spies being found, or something that's a couple decades and two Bushes late.

So, Russian spies. Are you one?!

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Ugh. Thanks Glenn Beck for bringing back McCarthyism

Also, obligatory:

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If I was a russian spy would I tell you??????????

In soviet russia, russia spy for you!!!!!
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They're checking the suburban neighborhoods now?
maybe if you had a
suck less

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Umm keep this on the DL, but I hear someone in Zappp's family was part of the original KGB, so... spy runs in his blood.


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нет, камрад

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Well comrades, the Russians aren't after the Bush's nor or they after our land.. they clearly want to take our Mexican labor force.
yes, i can say that openly because my internet feed i untraceable hahahahaha... >.>
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not hated

Keep it down, comrade! We dont want to draw attention to ourselves!

I have no idea what the above poster means
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nothing could be further from the truth
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The one spy is pretty hot.


and im australian. russia isnt even interested
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Of course not. Wait a minute, what's this microphone doing here? Why am I wearing a wire? Maybe...maybe I am a spy!

That post fit with your avatar perfectly.
the whole USA/Russian crap is actually playing out like a highlander movie.

These two immortals(Russia and USA) work together to kill another immortal (China) but end up getting into a huge fight over some other really hot mortal( Iran's oil) and then they fight it out(WW III) and then Obama yells out after he cuts the other immortals' head off, saying, "There can be only one!"

It's just a re-run. I've seen the ending....it's really stupid. -_-
Yeah. And By the time you have read this post my comrades will be at your door.
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Not on my watch.
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Yes, but now that you know to much, I have no choice, but kill you.

*pulls out a revolver with a naked woman engraved on the side*

Now... You die. *fires a round into your head at point black while cliche spy music plays*
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