I don't know where to go to post this, which i feel like is a bad thing, but if there is a slide guitar forum, feel free to redirect me, i'd appreciate it.

I wanna take up slide guitar, but I need a guitar to do so first. I've heard you have to raise the action really high, and I have a tele I'd love to slide on, but the action is very low.

So, does the action have to be high? If it's high can I play anything besides slide? How high are we talkin? And should i just get another guitar for sliding if I can only use it for slide once it's set up like that?

you don't have to raise the action, but it does help in preventing fret buzz. if you raise it it doesn't have to be too much, i mean i rasied the action on one of my guitars so i could still play slide, and Ican still fret it. i suppose I am used to high action then.
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There's no special "slide guitar school" or anything.
Just learn songs which have slide in them that you like.

Take it easy at first though, something like Rory Gallagher's "Country Mile" is a great place to start with slide as it's quite simple (this is if you're a complete slide virgin).

And I don't have my action too high for slide playing and still manage, though I don't do it a hell of a lot so I guess I don't need a guitar set-up specifically for slide.
Playing slide involves a lot of touch and feel, between muting and executing proper slide placement (angle and intonation). The only real similarity to picking is that all the notes are in the same places. It can be easier to make more of the right noises on a guitar with higher action, but it's not at all necessary; you know, the whole touch and feel thing... Just keep trying.

Who knows, maybe someday I'll be able to play as well as I want to.
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