I've had this problem for a long time now, but now I'm fed up.
Whenever I have my Epiphone SG plugged into my Fender FM 212 DSP, the volume suddenly drops to about half after 5-10 minutes of playing. I've tried different chords, but nothing. I've tried different sound settings on the amp, but nothing. I play with my headphone amp, and it doesn't seem to do it then (or maybe it's just not as obvious). I've taken the amp to the shop where I usually get my stuff twice now and the technician insists that he cannot see anything wrong with the amp.

Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks
Try using different cables, and then try using different guitars. This way you can isolate the main issue.
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You mean it didn't do this in the shop?


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First, I already tried using different cables. Second, no, apparently it didn't do this in the shop. The guy tested it for three hours.
Are there are suggestions? Might this be the actual guitar?
If it's not the amp, and not the cables, then what else could it be? :/
Take a look at the wiring, for any loose or unconnected solder joints. If you can't find any, you should probably put the guitar into a tech shop.
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Could be a loose wire, uneven pickups, could be the amp... a myriad of things. Get it checked out.

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2 questions.... 1 are you using a digital effects processor or just thru the amp.
2 if so, are you going thru the clean channel.

I have the fm65r wihout the built in dsp effects. I use a digitech effects pedal. When I plug it in thru the clean channel I found the volume control on the amp to be nearly impossible to set. If I set it at 2 it would be ok but if you barely breath on it the volume would go inaudible and If you turn it up anymore it would be unbearably loud. My solution was to run it thru the Gain channel and turn the gain all the way off. Volume issues disappeared.
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