High-risk Electricals (DS's and other games consoles, Laptops, Cameras, TV's etc) are EXEMPT from the 30 day moneyback guarantee as they have the capacity to store personal information on an internal memory and thus cannot be resold if a customer returns one. Please check on your receipt, just below the catalogue number and item description, it does state that the DS is exempt from the 30 day moneyback guarantee.
Your DS will not have been previously used and returned by a customer as Argos do not accept customer returns to main stock on exempt products. Instead they send DS's to Nintendo UK for a full diagnostic assessment and repair before issuing an exchange or refund on the items in order to protect profit and loss, and the fact that Argos do not have the manpower or facilities to test products instore.
You can try to take the DS back to the store you purchased it from unused and in it's original packaging, with the receipt and debit card you used to pay for it with and just be honest. It is at the managers discretion as to whether they'll be willing to waive this as it bought the day before. If not, then they will send it for testing prior to any further action being made.

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Lite is fucking sick. I haven't listened to them in ages...
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thats like... a really broad range... how can you like dragonforce AND beethoven Dx
The band isn't huge for the same reason 99% of other great bands aren't huge. It won't sell.

But this is absolutely mint.
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MIDI Magicalness!
I'm going to see them w/ Maybeshewill + envy in Brussels, more because I wanted to see envy than any other reason. In fact, I'm just going to start to listen to LITE because of that (I don't think I'll be able to appreciate their music if I discover it live). Maybe then I may listen to other math rock bands, who knows...