Formed in 2005 Serenity Dies is a thrash metal band from Maldives. The tropical island nation in the Indian sub-continent is nothing but a nature’s tranquil setting in the eye of every vacationer. Yet Serenity Dies appeared in the dark side of paradise. With the influence of bands such as Megadeth, Metallica,and Slayer,the band came up with their own materials, releasing their debut album in 2006. "Murder" was well accepted and the band seized a huge support in the local and regional metal scene. With the release, the band geared up to perform in all major festivals held in Maldives and in the South Asian region.With their raging music and stunning performances, the crowd paid the band with homage, showing true dedication to their music.

After coming out huge in their own county, the band headed to work with Children of Bodoms Producer Anssi Kippo as the production and mixing engineer at Astia Studios in Finland, alongside Grammy Award winning Hollywood mastering engineer Gavin Lurssen (Slumdog Millionaire, Across the Universe, Iron Man, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper) who helped Serenity Dies produce materials, to
out-do their last record. Setting a standard to emerge in the global heavy metal scene.

The EP titled “Hacksawcrasy” will be released soon in all major outlets in US, UK, Japan and Finland.

This is a band from my home country.... Check them out
Personally, i found that lame as hell

Thumbs down from me
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