Ok so I was thinking about to buying a Marshall JMP from craigslist but then the guy sold it without telling me so now im on a hunt for an amp once again. I decided that maybe I should just start really saving up so I can get a really nice, and good amp. But then I was on ebay and found a JCM 900 Combo thats in my price range now. So my question is should I get the combo now or continue to save for an amp. At the moment I have about $600 saved up. If I didn't get the combo now I would save and get a 2x12 w/ a head. I play alt, indie, classic, hard rock, and some grunge. I was looking into Marshall JCM family( 800, 900, 2000) but not really sure the differnce? If someone could help me out with that too. I was also looking at the Orange Dual Terror and Rocker 30 (but this is really expencive so it would take me quite a while to save. Which one would you say? I'm open to other recommendations I want to keep all my options open Also I will be playing with a band and doing some small gigs both inside and outside. But would a 100 watt amp like the JCM 900 be too much for this I dont think I would really be able to crank it too often. I know its a lot but it will really help me out in the end thank you