Hey guys,

I'm a long time user of Ultimate-guitar, however never really checked out the forum. Thought I'd however log in and show off some of my compositions. Using mostly software, such as drum machines, I've been composing and recording my own songs the last few months, and I've got quite a bit done. You can listen to them on my Facebook page dedicated to it. I've also got them on youtube, but the quality isn't as great.

Beau Buckley [Composer] Facebook Page

You can find them all in the music player, on the bottom left of the page. Let me know what you think, and if you like, please 'like' the page. Plus you'll be up to date with all updates and new songs, as well as a download in the future.

My name is Beau Buckley, and I've developed this page to function as a simple online showcase of my music, as well as hopefully find a few fans. I have a passion for various types of art and music, as well as video games and movies. My dream career is to be involved in a company, composing music as part of a team effort. I would love to commit myself to a company where I can take advantage of my acquired skills to compose music for a band, video game or movie. My most practiced styles of music include metal instrumentals, and scenic soundtracks. I have a strong developing grasp on music theory, and have also been playing the guitar for approximately six years.

Thanks, and enjoy!
Maelstrom sounds like a song you'd hear playing Duke Nukem a long time ago. Solid stuff I love it
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Haha, thanks. Loved Duke Nukem back in the day. If you enjoy my music, all I can do is ask that you like my facebook page?

*Shakes fist* LIKE IT, DAMN THEE!