Hey guys, not sure if I should post this here but then again it's about recording so...

Anyhoo, I really like it when a band plays something, then the singer goes "Ugh" and the heavy rhythm cripples me.

To be more precise, please take a look at this . This is the kind of "Ugh" I want. (1.15min)

Are there any clips or something? Does anyone have any? The thing is I don't even know how to search for it!

Well the easiest thing would be to start "Ugh-ing" in my pc's mic but yeah... the quality would be rubbish. And I'm not sure if I would want to buy even the cheapest recording mic just for this...

So... any clips 'round the interwebs?
How to Program a Metalhead ?
Thanks you kind sir! I'll definitely give them a try.

I already have an interface, but you know just a cheapo mic for the pc. Even worse than this (and older).

Maybe I'll go for the cheapest vocal mic I can get, like this. Ultimately, I just want it for a couple "effects" so...
How to Program a Metalhead ?