Most of the info you need is in the title I guess. The guitar is in good condition and is 2-3 years old. There is some light, superficial rust on the pickups and screws. The rest of the guitar is next to mint. When I bought this guitar the sales-person told me that the original retail price was over $2500. Recently I've seen new ones on eBay for $1800 - $1900. So keeping that in mind I think $1100 is a reasonable price. This includes a case and assorted accessories. I spoken to a few guitar detailers and most are of the opinion that Godin guitars are undervalued for their quality as they lack traction in the market. This being the case the sound is competative with pricier models from other makers.

If you're interested post here and I'll pm you some contact details so we can work thinks out.

Pic: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/GuitarGuitar/pictures/gear/124241/