I have a question about alternate strumming. I play mostly punk rock like greenday, ramones, etc. I wanna keep my right hand constant up & down but I can't match the strumming with the rythm. I mean that it happens that I play upstroke when it must be played a downstroke, so it sounds not good. If I play the right way I have to not keep constant my right hand up and down. For example 'American Idiot' by greenday billy joe keeps his hand constant up and down but I can't make it sound like it should..

I don't know if what I wrote makes any sense...
It Is common to move the hand constantly but not hit the strings every time.
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You are EXTREMELY WRONG! I have played it. I own an 18W and it would be an awful stereo amp, it's way too bright, breaks up too easily and so on. Secondly, why would a guitar store sell an hifi amp.
Alot of the time most of the ''punk'' bands just down strum constantly.
There could also be a combination thats not exactly alternating, such as down up up down.
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Sounds pretty good to me and he is doing down and up

..Sounds god, yes but you play the fisrt

upstroke. The same goes with 'welcome to paradise', the last

comes upstroke, so wrong. Billy Joe has no problem though....