Hey, yesterday i played on my epiphone les paul for the first time in a while (i lent it to someone so it needed a clean/strings etc) and it was real quite, and had lots of noise, a problem i had with neither of my other guitars. I eventually discovered the cause, my homemade fuzz face!
It hadn't done this with my other guitars so i was wondering what might have caused it. Could it be the higher output of the humbuckers messing with the pedal? It just seems a bit odd that one guitar seems to interact totally different with this one pedal when bypassed.

The other guitars are a Fender Jazzmaster and a Hutchins Regal (essentially the lovechild of a Gibson/Epi ES-335 and a Gretsch style hollowbody). My Les Paul is an Epiphone custom, but i put in SD pickups, a 59 and a JB. I was playing into an AC30.
i had a guitar that wasn't grounded properly, it did all kinds of funky noises i'd never heard come from a guitar. and not in a good way. maybe it's not grounded properly is my guess.
or a television?
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