Hello UG!

Im so tired of ''best bass player'' threads so i decided to make something different:

Who is the WORST bass player ever? Post video link or just tell the name of this so called ''bassist''.
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Charlie Oliver.

Famous Bassists?

Wouldn't be famous if they weren't any good.


Johnny Rotten must be an absolutely brilliant, in-key singer then.

Sid Vicious is widely regarded as one of the worst bassists of all time - even his own band mates say he was only in the band because of the image he had, and that when they picked him up he could barely play anything - and he never improved.
95% of the people on youtube with bass tutorials videos

Seriously, I was helping a friend find a 'smells like teen spirit' bass tutorial.

Everyone one of them said 'this is a really easy song', yet every one of them sucked horribly and not one of them played it even close to correctly.
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