I quess many people have this problem... Guitar Pro plays most of the instruments good enough like drums, solo guitar etc but it doesn't play the distortion rythm guitar nice, like power chords. So you can't lets say play the solo in one song and let the guitar pro play the rythm guitar. Is there a way to fix this? To make it sound better, like a real guitar playing a powerchord? Cause it would be so cool...
you can upgrade to guitar pro 6, because it has tons of effects for the guitar like EQ, amp, stompboxes... But ask someone who has guitar pro 6 first who might know more. there isnt much you can do with your version of guitar pro
Guitar pro 6 is really, how you say "laggy", you can't use it on weak PCs, anyway I think you shouldn't try to make guitar pro sound better, it's not meant to sound good in the first place.