I'm looking at the Randall RM-50HB head, and just wanting some opinions. It's 50 watts, so should be alright for gigging I imagine.

The modules, how good are they really? They seem like they could be really good, for all the different tones you can get, but at the same time I get the feeling they could be fiddely and break easily?

So yeah, just some general opinions from anyone that has one, thanks.
I've always been interested in these myself. Great amps, and really shine if you get some custom modules. Talk to Kylendm he's got one with some custom modules and it slays


Alright, anyway. Yeah depending on the modules you get it sounds great. Not one sounds the same and there is always one that fits your needs. They are extremely moddable/customizable and there are a number of people who do it regularly for a price. Most versatile amp I've played but I'm moving on from my MTS gear since someone offered me a piece of gear I can't refuse.

It's 100% likely I'll be back using modules and what not but I think next time I'm just going to go for an RM50 head instead of the RM100. If you need to know any more details on these amps shoot me a PM. I've been using them for about three years now and know most of the ins and outs of them.
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