These are the first mp3 I upload to the site, i would like someone to criticize them; they are just ideas and if you like them i will work on them with the band, hope you enjoy them!

I uploaded them on my profile http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/AlexNass/
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Track 1 Seems nice but at that speed you dont quite pull off all the licks inbetween phrases so simplfy it or if you have a second guitarist that would be nice to help with the rhythm.

Track 2 Nicer better executed than no.1 but i think your over using the musical ideas you should shorten the different parts or when playing with a band again if you have a second guitarist he should be doing something interesting over it but its nice idea if you rearrange it.

Track 3 Nice intro but i think you should shorten it I like the way it builds up and gets faster but overall it doesnt really drastically change pace so i would suggest putting either a breakdown in there or start slower and build up and as you do do something higher up the fretboard like octave chords or something.

Track 4 Nice idea to start really digging it and such but on all these so far, and it might be because its draft recordings kinda thing but you dont seem to change your tone i think on this one it would be nice if you start volume down so its almost clean then turn up as the song develops. Okay first idea is good and you do a second little chorus thing that doesnt really add anything because its so short make it longer so it breaks up the nice riff thing because when you eventually do a different idea towards the end its drastic and isnt a subtle build up (id try and explain that more but ive wrote loads so far and it prob wouldnt make sense anyways)

Track 5 Nice

Overall I think you should try working up 5,4 and 2 but they all have potential. Good stuff.
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mmmm ok thank you very much for your crit i'll try to make some changes and work on them
Track 2 has potential.
Track 3 is pretty good, I think it could be like one of those hype songs like "American Idiot" (if you're not a Greenday fan, sorry)
Track 5 needs to be tightened up a bit.

I think your musical ideas fit punk really well but the technique needs to be tightened on some of them. In track 1 you try to have these licks between chords and they are very sloppy done.
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Those licks in Track 1 are extremely sloppy. Work on your technique before you try to play it with a band.
Yes i just did some improvisation during the recording of track 1 and it really doesn't sound very nice anyway i will change the introduction and work on it thanks for your comments