Hey guys.

Thanks to all those in the past year that helped me choose my 2nd electric guitar by giving me suggestions and tips!
Well, in March I purchased a brand new jackson rr3. It is a wonderful guitar and i recommend it to all metalhead guitarists.

The combination of an alder body, Seymour Duncan JB and JAzz pickups and the jackson licensed floyd rose give it a great variety of tones, particularly excelling in the rock and metal genres.

I have to say, i totally love the floyd, certainly an advancement from my vintage trem on my squier strat. it barely goes out of tune and it really shines when performing natural harmonic pitch bends and "divebombs".

some people may criticise its shape as being inefficient for playing sitting down, but i find it very comfortable because i play in a "classical" position, which the rhoads shape is basically designed for.

anyway here is a video of me demonstrating the typical thrash metal sound that can be achieved by the guitar. please note that youtube stuffed up the sync between the video and the music.


and kudos to ex-prime minister kevin rudd for providing me with the free student laptop, which was used to record the video. we will miss you.
Ruddkips will live on.

I was always into getting an RR3 after I got my RR5, but I ended up getting a DK2 because it's a slight step up the range, plus I really wanted something with neck binding.... mostly the neck binding. The Jackson Pro Series are all great guitars though, and I've had alot of compliments about the liscensed floyd on mine, even though the general opinion online is to avoid them. Good buy; How much and where?
I was just trying one the other day, Nice guitars. I have a DK2 that I love.