Hi guys,

I have a marshall vs102r 100 watt combo, and I don't seem to be able to get enough gain from the high gain channel, OD2, i'm about to replace the PAF vintage mk4's in my tokai explorer with an emg 81 60 combo, i was wondering if theis would be enough, or should I buy something like a tubescreamer to boost the gain.

The problem with the VS is not that it doesn't have enough gain. The problem is that it's OD2 channel sounds like shit no matter how much gain you have dialed in.

What music do you wish to play? Any specific tones you'd like to replicate?
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I play mainly metal, and I've heard emgs through these series of amps, and it sounded great.

if it sounded great, then get the emgs.
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You've heard that emg's through that amp sound good eh? I think you expect pickups to change your sound a bit too much.

I suggest keep your money, sell the amp and buy a used high gain tube or a 6505+ combo.
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