I'm not sure if this is the right forum.

I'd like advice on buying a guitar that's for sale locally. $150 for guitar and hard case

It's a Jackson Randy Rhoads V.

Seller says few years old and he paid $600 for it.

I have a hard time trying to I.D. this guitar or get a feel for it. Seller doesn't know anything other than it's a 'Randy Rhoads V'. It has 'dots' on the fretboard and not the more recent triangle inlay. There seems to be a lot of RR V styles...I'm curious if this one for sale is more than a low end model.

Serial number is 03060041 but I can't find anything on recent jackson numbers.

Any ID help appreciated. thanks
Thanks a lot for the link

There as another link at UG that threw me off track as it only had a photo and nothing else.

I 'think' this is the model.... in the original review. However, the new price purchase amounts are all over the place in the comments. Sometimes I wonder if there isn't confusion about models in a lot of gear reviews.

well, it gets good reviews so hard to beat $150 with hard case. My thinking is always that if I get a used guitar at a good price then I can at least play it for a while and then resell it for most or all of my cost. No real gamble. (except I rarely resell them and keep adding to the stable).
I'd say it's a pretty good price, but that guitar is not a $600 guitar. It's a lower end rhoads model that retails for around $300. I would try it out and make sure it works. If it works fine then you've found a good deal.
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good deal the case for those are like 100 since they are custom to the guitar style
I'm not 100% sure but I think its a model called JS30RR (something like that anyway) its the entry level RR shape. For $150 still a bargain especially with the harcase. Hardcase is about that price on its own. I'm from the UK so I'm not sure on US prices but the JS30RR goes for about £125-150 & the case would be about £50-75 so I'd say its worth it.
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