Update your Facebook status via Calculator, Public Telephone, or even Satellite!!


.. well, not really, but almost! :chimpo6gk:

The title of this entry probably really excited you, eh? How sad is that...

Anyway, while you can't actually update Facebook from your calculator/Public Telephone (at least, I don't think you can?), with '' you can do the next best thing and pretend. The website has seemingly been crafted by someone with a limited grasp of English, and I've not heard of half the devices in the list...but who cares when you can update your status from Public Telephone?

I know what you're thinking: How would you have made it through Monday without this awesome Facebook hack? I just don't know...

This is how I did it

Quote by okykrismadi

first, you have to login to your facebook account first.

and then go to

you will find this interface

  • scrool down and look for the application do you want

  • after you choose one of the application, you should see this link follow the instruction on picture

  • type your desired status, and then publish it on facebook

  • you will see your status in your facebook newsfeed

ok thats it. simple

The website you are referring to is in Bahasa Indonesia. It doesn't actually update your facebook status from a calculator, it just changes the "published via (your device here)". The other options are non branded chinese cellphones, borrowed cellphone, public telephone, etc.

The programmer is from Indonesia, and half of devices is in Indonesian language (you can use Google Translate to ..uhm.. well.. translate it!).

Actually, it quite funny if you have many Indonesian friend.. well geeky type of funny :-D

Yeah ok, *reported*
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The guy joined just to advertise his site, which is not allowed. Hence reported.

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