Poll: Best Edward Norton Performance (not best film necessarily)?
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25th Hour
3 4%
American History X
44 66%
Fight Club
17 25%
Everyone Says I Love You
0 0%
Primal Fear
0 0%
0 0%
The Illusionist
2 3%
The Painted Veil
0 0%
The People vs. Larry Flynt
0 0%
1 1%
Voters: 67.
Please do not mistake this as the same as asking what the best film Edward Norton has been in is. Let's just talk about what his best performance was.

I just rewatched Fight Club, which was amazing, and I'm having trouble deciding because he was also amazing in Primal Fear and American History X, then also quite good in a handful of other films.
American History X is phenomenal.

I also am obsessed with Fight Club, but the movie wasn't taken over by his performance, brad pitt kinda evened him out. American History X was completely Norton's movie, really.

/what most people will probably say
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American History X. I did love his character in this Illustionist as well.
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Edit: You know, I have a terrible time distinguishing Edward Norton and Kevin Spacey. I'd have to go with American History X.
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Out of those, I've only seen Fight Club

However, he was rather awesome in it so I don't have any problem voting for it.
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American history X -without a doubt!

What was that film he was in with Robert DeNiro?
Where they rob a bank and Ed Norton pretends to be a retard?
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Of those, probably the 25th hour. He was also great in Red Dragon though, and in Death to Smoochy, he was the saving grace of that film.
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I've only seen clips of American History X and he looked amazing in it, but he was great in Fight Club too...
Yeah, I have to agree with what SeveralSpecies said. I personally think Fight Club is a better movie, but his acting was way more prominant in AHX, so...AHX.
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Yeah, I have to agree with what SeveralSpecies said. I personally think Fight Club is a better movie, but his acting was way more prominant in AHX, so...AHX.

Good boy.

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Good boy.

*tosses treat*

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I've only seen two of the specific.. But in other, I think he made a pretty good Bruce Banner..

I voted American History X anyway because it's one of my favourite movies..
The Illusionist was pure genius.
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I've only seen American History X out of all of those and he did a superb job acting in that so that gets my vote
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God... all of his movies are amazing, how dare you try to make us pick one!
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