Although I feel I'm making great strides in my practicing and my overall technique, one thing keeps interrupting my play: the pick is slipping.

I realise that my hands sweat a little if I'm playing for an extended period of time, but I imagine this is the case for most guitarists. Right now I'm having a hard time playing full songs because I'll lose my grip on the pick as the song progresses and this will kill my good technique that I had at the beginning.

To all of you guitarists/bassists: how do you avoid this problem?
Get used to using thick picks. Even for strumming on an acoustic, I don't like anything smaller than a 1.0 and for electric more like a 2.0. I use Dunlop Tortex...they have a different, kind of sticky coating on them. Makes it really hard to drop em.
Maybe you can put some kind of coarse material, maybe sand paper, on the pick.
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Thanks for the advice everyone. Next time I'm in a guitar store I'll look at those different types of picks. I'll also work on perfecting my technique and watch some more paul gilbert videos

Feel free to recommend other pick types which are effective

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