Does anybody know how to make a recorded voice sound demonic? I found tutorials on youtube doing it on audacity. All he does is record his voice then make a few duplicates and changes the pitch lower, which is what I figured it would be, but it just doesn't sound as good as something on movies. It doesn't have that "oomph" to it ya know? On movies it sounds really ****ing scary but this just sounds like somebody duplicated tracks lol Any tips?
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Copy and past the recording a few times in audacity or whatever. Shift some a few milliseconds forward and some a few milliseconds back. Pitch shift some of them downwards (Octaves and 4ths work well), if you want, reverse a track, add reverb, then reverse it again.
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Chorus, pitch-shift, reverb, and an echo with some flanger I think is how they did the demonic voices in Dragon Age: Origins. Those were amazing. Entity's tips sound good too.


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