So, here's the story. In a month or so i move into my new student house to start the second year of university.
When i move in i plan to bring my Ashdown Fallen Angel 60dsp half-stack with me, as i miss playing it and the house is full mostly of musicians. We have a basement/cellar, which i did think would be the best place to put it, as it is probably the most/easiest soundproofed room in the house (we were going to try get a drum kit down there too). However i visited the house again today and realised that the basement is likely to be quite damp in general, as it is a pretty old house, and it dawned on me that it might not be particularly sensible to put it there, coz it'll probably break it, and its too big to keep lugging up/down the stairs when we have a jam/practice session.

So my question is this, does anyone know how badly damp air affects amplifiers and if there is anything that i could do to help in this situation? or is it a lost cause?

cheers guys.

p.s. its a rented house, so any major changes to the house itself is most probably out of bounds
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i'd be carefull with it. it may cause mould or rot in the wood, even in the drumkit
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Do not turn it on, whatever you do.
Stick it next to a radiator or warm source overnight.
then inspect it, and try it. I'd say.
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I suppose just leaving the cab down there and moving the head up and down when i want to play isn't really going to help all that much is it? hmmph.... :|
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dehumidifier could help

This. My friend had the same problem, with his amp and his Dobro, so he bought a dehumidifier and it was fine afterwards.
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I might be able to get my hands on a dehumidifier, although i am a student so running it all the time might make my electricity bills even more painful haha

edit - oh and its a valve amp too, (which probably only makes it more delicate ) in case anyone cared
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