Okay, this may have some spoilers, but by now, who hasn't beaten this game?

So anyway, this is what I think is annoying, and it happens all the way up to Episode 2:

EVERYONE who gets shot, complains that they got hit, are in pain or are feeling some sort of pain.

But who doesn't? Gordon Freeman.

Gordon Freeman says nothing. He takes everything like a tank, even when he falls off a ledge and goes down to 1 hp, he doesn't complain or say anything.

That whole time, I was just like "damn, these rebels are some pussy bitches." But not Gordon Freeman.

What sound did Gordon Freeman make when he saw Chuck Norris?

He didn't.
It's because Gordon Freeman is a real man, unlike those other pussy ass bitches.
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^ That's why

I don't want my protagnist to speak anyway, I was shocked enough when I looked down on Left 4 Dead and saw I had legs!
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I've never played HL2. Does this make me a virgin?

It generally works the other way.
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What's the most annoying thing about Half Life 2?

This thread. Seriously take this shit to the ****ing game thread!
Isaac Clarke only yells when he gets hit by a projectile from an alien-fetus. And he only facepalms ONCE, when Nicole kills herself.

He deals with way more shit than Freeman does...and doesn't look like he plays in Weezer.
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Who the hell thinks Chuck Norris jokes are still finny?

Chuck Norris does.