1. Dean Soltero in white, pristine condition with exception of minor nick on headstock. Has upgraded straplocks, coilt taps, and Time Capsule pickups.

2. Trying to see if i can get a trade for this Aria Pro II SL guitar. Don't really know a whole lot about it.

Here are the good and bad:

Good: has an emg humbucker and two single coils (not emg), maple fretboard, 5 way selector switch, whammy bar, and a gig bag.

Bad: the pots are a bit scratchy, the tuners could use a bit of love (although they work fine), and the guitar does have some dings ( a few are of decent size) and scratches. It looks like it's been around the block once or twice.

I can send more pictures on request. I got this because i wanted a superstrat but just can't bond with it. It is a cool guitar with a sweet little paint job.

If i can't get rid of it soon i might throw it on ebay.

3. I have a Benji Madden signature OLP guitar.

It has been through the ringer... dings and scratches all over the body. However the neck is untouched and plays really well. Super smooth.

The previous owner also said the pickup was replaced by an ESP pickup (not sure if it's ESP or LTD but can check). Since there is no back cavity what they did was move the input jack to the place of the volume knob, so now there is just a hole where the old input jack used to be.

Also the volume knob now has some sort of gemstone in it. Overall a really nice playing little guitar.

Can provide more pictures on requrest.

Looking to get 120 shipped, will entertain trades for almost anything.

Open to trades for any combination of the three for: some sort of superstrat, explorer, mockingbird, OLP mm1, lower end Dan Armstrong (could throw in some $ if necessary) would LOVE a john 5 squier tele,