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I find Opeth's mild stuff to be beautiful. Benighted is one of the best and most beautiful songs ever and all of damnation is awesome.

I totally agree that Opeth's softer stuff is beautiful. I personally think Patterns in the Ivy II and Isolation Years are quite beautiful.
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Yeah, the NIN version is pretty emotional too, but the Johnny Cash version is just so haunting because it was recorded pretty much right before he died.
Don't know if these have been said:

Elliot Smith - "Between the Bars"
Warren Zevon - "Keep Me in Your Heart"
Smashing Pumpkins - "To Forgive"
Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Hey"
Aerosmith - "Seasons of Wither"
Pink Floyd - "Marooned"
Mars Volta - "Asilos Magdelena"
Lykke Li - "Tonight (Live Acoustic on Youtube)"
"Natasha Bedingfield - "Soulmate"
Mandy Moore - "Umbrella"
Incubus - "Southern Girl"

Tenacious D - "Dude, I Totally Miss You"
The Beatles - Abbey Road Medley and "Something"
Peter Gabriel - "The Book of Love"
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The Angel and the One by Weezer

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brian eno anyone?

Yes! I don't listen to a lot of his music but "St Elmo's Fire" is one of the happiest songs ever and "By This River" is possibly the saddest song I have heard.

I am not a huge fan of Animal Collective like a lot of people nowadays, but i do like a lot of their songs, and in my opinion "Fireworks" is the most beautiful song ever. It is just so powerful.

I have to be in the mood to listen to all three of those songs. I don't just listen to them whenever, especially "Fireworks". Here is a link to all three:


By This River:

St Elmo's Fire:
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'Z.Z.'s Song' by Joe Satriani
'Patience' by Guns
'The Ballad' by Millencolin, probably just becuase of the singer's voice.
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Cemetery Gates- Pantera.

Your Decision - Alice in Chains.

Double Fixed
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Monkey Ball Sack

They Move on Tracks of Never Ending Light by ThisWillDestroyYou.

It's not a metal song.
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Chloroform Girl - Polkadot Cadaver

You can't find me another song that can make sick and creepy so sweet and sexy.
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It may just be that the Italian makes this song sound so exotic and beautiful but it's still brilliant.

Also the outro of Selkies by BTBAM always gets me too.
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I Can Feel A Hot One by Manchester Orchestra at the moment for me.
Us and Them- Pink Floyd
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not hated
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I'm going to throw in Lazarus by Porcupine Tree.

I agree. Half Light would be another PT choice for me.

Also, pretty much anything by Sigur Rós / Jónsi.
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They Move on Tracks of Never Ending Light by ThisWillDestroyYou.

It's not a metal song.

This man, seriously, this man!

I love This Will Destroy You.

In no particular order.

The Trapeze Swinger - Iron and Wine
Ocean - John Butler.
The Homing Beacon - Buckethead.
Cryin' - Joe Satriani.
Your Hand In Mine - Explosions In The Sky.
Satellites - Tunturia.
Cast Shadows On Clouds - Tunturia.
Lazarus - Porcupine Tree.
Running Through Woodland - Message To Bears.
At The Top Of This Hill - Message To Bears.
Found You And You're Safe - Message To Bears.
Good Morning - Message To Bears.
Screw it, all of Message To Bears.
The whole of 'Young Mountain' by This Will Destroy You.
Your Revolution Is A Joke - Funeral For A Friend.
Heart Attack In A Lay-by - Porcupine Tree.
Adieu - Enter Shikari.
The intro section to So Strange I Remember You - Thrice

That's all I can think of right now.

Edit: Oh and all of the versions of this song, but specifically Trains - Porcupine Tree
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The Death of Music by Devin Townsend.

This. Terminal and Deep Peace also come pretty close...
Wish You Were Here / Terminal Frost / Learning To Fly - Pink Floyd
Trains - Porcupine Tree
1979 / Mayonnaise / Landslide - The Smashing Pumpkins
Tonight / Staring At The Sun - TV On The Radio
House Of Cards - Radiohead

I could go on. It's really hard to choose just one.
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