Hi guys, I am looking to buy a new guitar very soon and I have narrowed my search down to a few guitars. Still open for suggestions though! I play lots of different types of music, mains blues, rock and alternative. My favourites are RHCP, Jimi, Queens of the Stone Age, TCV and the Black Keys. I am looking for something that will help my strat cover these sorts of tones. Im learning towards the tele at the moment as I love the thick tele neck, does anyone know if the one below has this neck? Thanks.

MIJ '62 Reissue Tele:

MIJ Jazzmaster:

or, as a roughy, a Hagstrom Viking:

Just remembered this maton too:
Opinions and suggestions would be muchly appreciated, thanks for your time.
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rhcp and jimi should already more or less be covered by the strat. I'm not too familiar with the other brands.

A tele, while sounding completely different to a strat, is still in the same kind of ballpark. Unless you just don't like humbuckers or p90s, something with either of those might be a better idea for a wider range of tones, unless you need a lot of tele or jazzmaster tones too.

i haven't tried that exact hagstrom, but the one i did try was alright, not amazing, though. i'd say the mij fenders are better guitars (or cut out the middle man and get a japanese-made tokai, if you live in a country where tokais are readily available).

haven't tried matons, it's australian-made, isn't it? bound to be worth a try too
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I have a 1987 MIJ Tele. It's a TL72, which is a reissue of a 1972 telecaster.

It's got a natural finish. Not really sure how similar it is to the MIJ tele you linked to, but my tele is awesome. I prefer it to most MIA's that I've played. The neck is thicker than the MIM tele that the other guitarist in my band has.

I've never really played any hendrix and don't really know the sound you would be going for, but it's great for RHCP style groove music.

I'd really love to try out one of those Matons too. Looks sexy as hell.
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Both the Jazzmaster and Tele you linked to have a 7.25" radius (which is great for chord work and leads lower down, tends to choke off with bends higher up the neck though), smooth glossy c shaped neck.

So it aint gunna be the typical bulky tele neck, but MIJ necks tend to be orgasmic anyway.

Either would be perfect for what you play, but the stock pickups in both are pretty weak and you'll more than likely want to replace them, the JM will be mellower sounding by a long shot, and the trem system is great, but you'll likely want to swap out the bridge saddles because the stock ones tend to buzz and the strings jump out.
Out of those, I would get the Maton. You can always upgrade the pickups (there are plenty of choices in humbucker size), the controls seem to be at the right place, plus it looks cool and is a quality build.