Like the title says, I want to put my first guitar and amp up for sale in the local newspaper. I live in a small town with a big church music culture, so I have no doubt that I can sell it to a beginner, but I don't know how much I should sell it for. I'm going to sell my guitar, strap, gig bag, amp, headphones, and cable.

The guitar is the epiphone SG special, here is a LINK. It's the black one, and is in perfect working condition, completely stock. It's got some cosmetic flaws, but plays fine.

Everything else came out of Epiphone's starter kit deal, like THIS LINK. The amp is a studio 15 with reverb, kind of sucks, but nothing is wrong with it.

I was thinking of putting it out there for $200 and seeing if I get any hits. Does this seem fair? It's probably a little high, but like I said, I'm pretty sure someone will buy a name brand guitar for that for a beginner.
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150 is all your going to get.
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