Hi. My favorite guitar tone is probably In Flames Clayman or Colony.
I was wondering what makes their guitar get the twangy sounding attack on their tone?

Is it from the amp or from what type of guitar they're using? I assume it's a combination of both.

Here are some songs from the album

It's also present on Soilwork's Chainheart Machine, probably because it was also produced by Fredman.

It has this twangy, kind of surfer sound to it, I don't exactly know how to describe it.
Is there any way to get that sound on Peavey MK revalver 3 or by VSTs?
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are we talking about the clean or overdriven tone?
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Any question about playing an In Flames song can be answered by schehf on youtube.

I believe he has actually been sending them audition tapes for the guitar spot thats open now.
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I am 85-90% positive that it's the micing technique. Many on the internet also wondered about the Clayman sound.

It's called the Fredman technique, named after an audio engineer named Fredrik Nordström. Google it, as I have absolutely no clue on how to do it.

All I know is that it involves two SM57's, one pointed straight on, and another pointed at a 45 degree angle.

Sort of like this:

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Quote by Clay-man
It's a really amazing tone.
It is, I agree.


Quote by CatharisStudios
What you want to do is first get your first Shure SM57 sounding god damn HUGE. Then take another SM57 and put it in that shape, at a 45 degree angle. Now go and crank your amp really loud, but do not play. Let the HISS sound, go in your DAW, and invert your phase. Now go to the cab and move the 2nd mic around until you get barely any hiss. Once you reach minimum hiss, turn your amp down to your level of recording, and turn off the invert phase button. It should sound massive.

Hopefully this helps. I edited it to make it a little more legible (no offence Ryan :P)
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Is there any way to get it to sound more twangy and like that on Peavy Revalver MKIII's 6505 or not?

I'm using CatharisStudios's cabinet impulses with poulin's cabinet simulator but it's missing something still. Do I need to EQ the tone?
Hm I managed to get a more twangy tone that sounds close to those albums by making the booster pedal's tone really high, more gain, and tweaked the end EQ.
I tried putting TSS's secret Overdrive pedal in Peavey Revalver, after the noise gate but then I realized it sounds way different then when I put it outside of Peavey Revalver. It sounded like a clean signal mixed with a buzzy overdrive signal, which might be killing my tone, so I put POD farm and used it's tube screamer pedal and noise gate instead.
Should I use TSS over any other tube screamer pedal?

Originally I had TSS -> Revalver, but I had a bit of noise in my signal, so I tried putting a gate before TSS by loading TSS in Revalver itself.

In Revalver the chain was Noise Gate > TSS > 6505 > other stuff.
When I had it like that, the TSS did not act the same at all. I even put it before the noise gate and nothing changed. It was this weird overdrive that sounded like distortion mixed with the clean signal.

I think it had something to do with the input because I like to crank Revalver's input a bit for more sustain.

Now I took out TSS and am using POD farm's screamer instead.

so it's POD farm (noise gate > screamer) > Revalver(Noise Gate > 6505)

POD farm's overdrive pedal didn't seem bad at all so I replaced TSS with it. Should I be using TSS?
For twangy sounds you want a single coil guitar (strat etc), going into an amp with the treble turned up (duh).

But yeah, i agree with whoever said it's down to mic technique. For twangy sounds you tend to have the mic on-axis and right in the centre of the cone. That way all of the high's are picked up.

But it goes even further than that, it's probably the mixing stage that makes it most prominent. I can guarantee that whilst mixing all the lows were taken out when EQ'ing, and probably low-pass filters and such were used.
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Nah man, whatever works for you.

The bottom line is that it sounds good.

EDIT: I just listened to your tone again, with fresh ears.

There is some clipping going on I think. Turn down the level a little more.

And after re-reading your comment, why do you have two gates?

Try this:

Tubescreamer (TSS or Pod Farm)------------>6505 Sim (Revalver)------------->Noise Gate

I'm using 2 gates because even after gating the Tube Screamer I was still getting noise at the end of the riffs/breaks.

It might be my guitar making the noise because ever since I switched to my SG I noticed that it makes noise.

Also I used a limiter on my signal to prevent clipping.

So far my chain now is
POD Farm (Gate) -> TSS -> Revalver (Gate > 6505 > EQ)
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So many wrong input in this thread.
Anyway, it's the miking technique (Fredman technique, look up Catharsis Fredman Cab Impulses) SM57 Center of the cone, On axis, SM57, Center of the Cone, Off Axis mixed together.


Also, the tone is anything but twangy.

Here's a little something Im working on, don't mind the Lead track, still trying to mix it better. I could help you achieve the rhythm tone, if you like it of course.

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Quote by MightyOwned

TSS---->6505 Sim---->EQ------->Gate

The gate should take out all of the noise you get, that is weird if it doesn't.

Wrong. If you don't put a gate before the sim, the noise will get amplified, and will have distortion from the amp added to it, and there's just no way the gate can take that out, it would be too loud. The gate doesn't recognize what "noise is" after it's been amplified.

So I suggest using two gates, one before, one after the sim. First one would have a higher Threshold than the other. Both with fast attack and short releases.
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Quote by MightyOwned
Your right.

My mistake.

The signal chain should be:

Gate---->TSS---->6505 Sim--->EQ---->Gate

I hate correcting people because it makes me look like an ass
I am using Catharsis' Fredman impulses. Always have.
Also I tracked the beginning of Embody The Invisible and it turned out to have a way different tone than the song itself.
This is actually a decent tone, it just lacks processing. Apply processing to it using settings similar to this

And use a post-EQ to lower the low mids, and use a High-Pass at around 60hz
I'm already using an EQ post amp. What tool is that in the screenshot? Is there a free processing tool?
Quote by Clay-man
I'm already using an EQ post amp. What tool is that in the screenshot? Is there a free processing tool?

Waves C4 multiband compressor (any mb compressor would do)
You have Revalver so try messing with the tube settings, you can do alot with it. I'd also recommend these:


Also, use an impulse with either SIR or Voxengo Boogex. Something like this. http://rapidshare.com/files/98364303/englv30higherpres-01.wav.html

Here's a link to a great thread on another forum about Revalver. The guy gives you the presets he used and the different setting on the VSTs. http://www.ultimatemetal.com/forum/rate-my-mix-tone-threads/391904-my-best-revalveriii-tone-so-far.html
The old tone I used made the guitars sound WAY too quiet.
I believe I have the presence knob on the 6505 cranked to the max though.
Quote by Clay-man
The old tone I used made the guitars sound WAY too quiet.
I believe I have the presence knob on the 6505 cranked to the max though.

You mind uploading the preset ?
If the 6505 preset is cranked, are you using the s-highpres impulse ?
If so, increase the gain around 5khz using an EQ, high-Q.
Jesus Christ 800 dollars for a goddamn multiband compressor?
Is there any good free one I can have?