I'm selling go get funds for my current guitar projects.

Amp is as new, Never gigged, Only used to practice and record a few times.

Cab has some cosmetic wear and the logo is missing. Still in perfect working order.

Make me an offer anyone? (Can be on either or both)

Mike x
A pic of the Peavey might help...

Click Here

I was hoping for around 650 because this amp is hardly used and in excellent condition.

But offers are welcome.

Mike x
Would you be willing to drop the price? I've seen a couple on ebay go for less than that. Where abouts are you in the UK aswell?
EX-Guitar Player...
Why cant you edit in this part of the forum!! Ugh.. I just realised you are including the Cab aswell. How much for just the head?
EX-Guitar Player...
Yeah i know, annoying much!

And i don't really want to let it go for less than 600, As it's never been gigged and hardly used.

But if you're willing to buy it cash, make me an offer and we'll see from there.

I live in the south-ish... Basingstoke.