Now that I myself am unbanned this request might hold a bit more substance I suppose.

please unban my brother, Yngwie_Owns. We REALLY do not want to be forced to share an account and he really thinks this forum could help him out.

thanks in advance.
inb4 banned again.
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The grandmother is having a baby with her grandson, so the grandson will be his own fathers father, the baby will be his own grandfather, and grandson, and the grandmother will be the mother, and great grandmother?

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Ban him

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Couldn't he just make a new account?
Call me Cahum.

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Ban Him!!!! Forever!!!!!!!
If I stay too quiet
I can hear her walking by
Death cold air is moving
Like the touch of her hand

ikuisesti hallussa surua,
pienentynyt enkeli, ottaa minuun,
johtaa minut tämän arvokkaan valoa,
ja ikuiseen pimeyteen.
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Couldn't he just make a new account?

^^The above is a Cryptic Metaphor^^

"To know the truth of history is to realize its ultimate myth and its inevitable ambiguity." Everything is made up and the facts don't matter.

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Couldn't he just make a new account?

Ban him!!!!!



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He's hinting that he wants to get banned

He is? Heh. Ban him too!

Time on earth is like butterscotch; you really want more, even though it will probably just make you ill.

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