I have a Peavey JSX head and I need a new 412 cab for it. I have about 500-700 to spend on it and figured some of you guys could help me decide.

I'm lead guitar in both a Thrash/death metal band as well as a Progressive metal Band. But i'm looking for a modern tone for both.

So far I've been looking at:

Marshall 1960B - Found one at Guitar center for 300 used, its a little scratched up though and I dont wanna be stuck with it if something happens or i wanna sell it. Also i'm not so sure about the speakers G12T-75's, I'm looking for a tight, modern, lead tone- But i've heard just as many great things as i've heard bad things about it.

Mesa Rec Cab- I can't find the stilletto used anywhere, so i've been looking to these. I like the V30's, but i'm not sure if it'll fit the "Thrash" vibe well enough.

Vader- These have a great reputation and some of my favorite bands use em, but i'd have to save up a little. Also when i heard Warbringer and Woe of tyrants use them live, i really wasn't impressed, so i'm not sure if it was their EQ or whatever but it gave me doubts.

Thanks in advance!

(i had a kinda similar thread, but after finding the cheaper Marshall cab at guitar center it changed my mind about a lot of stuff.)
I cant really try em out because i'm not in a position where i can lug my Head and rig to Guitar center..

I appreciate the input, but do you have reasons?

and i've seen Jeff Loomis use a 1960A in a youtube vid, which is kinda why i'm nerding out with the marshall, but i'm trying to be smart with my money for once