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So the Drums don't exactly write the deepest of lyrics. But they do write the catchiest of music. It's like post-punk swirled with surf-pop, topped off with a drum machine. See for yourself. (Click.)

My personal favorites are "It Will All End In Tears," "Me And The Moon," "We Tried," and "Let's Go Surfing." But don't just take my word for it.

Who else digs these guys?
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i've heard some of their songs, they're pretty cool
"let's go surfing" is a great song
just listened to them after this thread & i dig 'em. i'll probably use youtube to sort through their filler songs though
Yeah I really enjoy their album.

Love "Down By The Water".
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Summertime! EP > Self Titled Album

Saddest Summer and Don't Be a Jerk Johnny are both awesome
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I Felt Stupid was one of my favorites for the longest time. I really like Forever and Ever Amen.
Supposedly 'Submarine' is a rip-off of The Cure but it's still the catchiest song i've heard in forever.