Hey guys

My names Ryan Mcleod and i am a Metal solo artist from the depressingly-secluded Scottish Borders. With regards to the music it is Symphonic/Thrash/Black Metal - this all varies form song to song, but its generally a even mix. My influences include Cradle of Filth, Avenged Sevenfold, Satyricon, Metallica, Dimmu Borgir, Slipknot - basically everything.I have writting and recorded demos for performing live - but alas, living in a secluded area theres no one to play live WITH!

im looking for players from anywhere in the UK. depending on where the final live up are all from we could meet somewhere between us all for a band practise once every few weeks. Any gigs that come about, if we are paid for playing i will happily give all of you 100% of the pay - playing this music live is pay enough for me. Also besides play my own tracks i am more than willing to do some covers for the laughs! - covers which we can all decide on together.

There is a link below to my myspace page. i have tried many different ways of doing my vocals over the recording period, still not sure which is best to use live - hopefully future band members can give their opinion on which style is best? If your really interested in being in a solid live performance, i ask that you listen to all the songs all the way through. if your not 100% into, say, the first song for example - listen on! because as i said at the top of the post: i cross alot of genres


if you are at all interested drop me a email at ryan_mcleod@btinternet.com and just let me know a little bit about yourself