I'm thinking about using flatwound strings for my fender jazz, is this worth trying?
Yes--flats have a nice thumpy sound that gets nice and mellow as they age. Most funk, R & B and classic rock tone comes from flats.
I love the roto 77s and 88s. I played a set of La Bellas that were quite nice as well, may give them a try soon as well.
uhm I havn't really tried playing with flatwound strings properly but I'm looking forward to it! do you recommend roto 77 or whatever you called them?
sweet! I'm looking forward to try! and... yeah I play mostly funk, funk rock (like rhcp), rock and metal, I suppose it wouldn't be a problem playing metal with these strings? steve harris uses flatwound strings with iron maiden, so it should be fine, I guess?
No problem playing finger-style for any genre. Don't expect the greatest slap sound though, its a lot more flat and percussive (and some people prefer that) so that's why I tend to stick to rounds. (I wish I could switch inbetween songs.)
hm.. flea uses flatwound for slap, so it can't be that bad, I guess. I'm just gonna have to try and get my own opinion.