I am in the process of retrieving money for this ESP guitar I want.

its called the KH 602 and Ive had my eye on it for a month or so.

not to mention its a signature model of my favorite guitarist Kirk Hammett.

with all the good reviews Ive read i am overall impressed with them. all but one thing

I dont want to spend 900$ on a guitar that may be too genre specific.

but it would definitly be a significant improvement on the guitar I have now.

I guess my real question is, is this guitar built for metal and metal only or can it reasonably play other stuff as well?

Also. . .

here is a link to the specs so you guys can be the judge on how good the guitar is or how bad it is.


there ya go
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any guitar can play any genre (within reason of course, a classical acoustic couldnt play distotred metal, but thats common sense)
and good luck with the new guitar, ive played one and its nice
whilst that guitar is associated with metal, you can play anything on it, i've seen people play blues with emg's and they're associated with metal
Signature guitars are always over priced like mad. You can get a really really nice guitar for 900 dollars. One where you're not paying extra for a stamped-signature on the head stock..
When it comes to rock, any high output pick up will do really, EMG of course play metal best, but they can do rock grand too.
I'm not into signatures myself, you pay that little extra for the Guy's Name. and sometimes a LOT extra.
I bought a DEAN with seymour duncans, and they are high output, but actually sound a bit prettier.

Edit: Guy above beat me to it.
You can get more value out of that money, and I'm all about value for money.
Also, that's Kirk's guitar, not your guitar, make sure you TRY it out, and others.
I had my heart set on Synyster gates guitar...
tried it... it was lame.
tried CHEAPER, but same spec guitars, loved em.
of course, it's your choice, but, be careful.
TRY is the most important of all things when buying a guitar.
On playing the Paul Gilbert signature at the guitar store extensively, my missus sighed:
"Put it down now, It's like you love that guitar more than me!"
In Which I replied.
"Well it has got two F-Holes!"
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thank you all for your feedback, it seems like a reasonable guitar, I just wanted to ask a few experts before i made my final decision.

thanks again.
you're paying alot of money for kirk's name,so I suggest you take a look at the LTD deluxe line
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it is LTD, check the link. and sorry I forgot to metion that.
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Quote by metallicafoevaa
it is LTD, check the link. and sorry I forgot to metion that.

He means check other LTDs that aren't signatures. Chances are you'll get your specs for less that way
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He means check other LTDs that aren't signatures. Chances are you'll get your specs for less that way

just about to say that. sometimes you get even better specs for less
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also did I mention that this guitar would be an overall significant improvement over the guitar I have now? right now I have a squier strat. it was like 200$