*Bong Rip*
P1: So how do you feel about Jay Leno?
P2: *holding in smoke* Jay Leno?
P1: Yeah
P2: *Blow out smoke* **** JAY LENO

Chorus 1
Everything blends in all the same
Days run together, all the same thing
Find a way to differntiate
Find a way to help me see un-clearly
Help me see the other side

This place, this feeling, theres nothing else like it
A place where nothing matters
A place where in art is free
My mind can roam seemingly free

A place of magic
The place where my feelings don't really matter
Forget my troubles, fly away
My mind is clear when I'm there
Intentions are clear, mine & theirs
Getting back to this place is the mission

This place, this feeling, it's a craving
Nothing matters here
Art runs free
While my mind runs rampant

Chorus 3
This place is where I belong
A place where I'm care free
I'm never coherent to those stuck grounded
Too close minded, too much hate
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just straight up normal male group jerking session, it was like i was on my own aprt from getting kinda bumped into and the weird noises.
Wait what?

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You earned your name, pal.