So I know this is guitar forum and all, but I've seen a number of people that play the keyboard. I used to be really into rock, metal, etc. and I have played the guitar for 5 years, but I don't feel those types of music anymore. All I listen to now is electronic music, dubstep, house, trance, etc. so naturally I want to learn how to play an instrument from that genre. This is the keyboard I'm set on getting


Now I just need info on amps. I have two guitar amps, but I'm assuming these won't suffice? I just want something small to practice with at home. Preferably under $150 if possible, new or used. Any ideas?
I don't see what would be wrong using a guitar amp, if it has a decent clean channel it shouldn't colour your sound that much.
My uncle uses a studio monitor with his keyboard though
Try the behringer line of keyboard amps. Very cheap and sound just as good (some say better) than the more expensive roland option. For that money i think it's your best option.
a guitar amp will work but you'll have the same problems as if you were using a bass: lower notes will kill your speaker if you play loud or for a long time

don't worry about getting a really good keyboard amp honestly, as you'll never use one live, keyboards will always go straight into the PA --- that's unless you want to use it for vocals too when you do band practices

roland are supposed to make the best keyboard amps, but i found the yorkville ones to sound just as good for cheaper =)