This head:

through this cab:

What do you guys think? I play math rock/post rock, and I need a good clean channel, which with Crate I've got, and a good reverb channel, which I've also got. I already bought the head, it was 50 bucks. And the cab I've found a deal on and it's 275.

What do you guys think?
You could do better for the money...the amp is pretty meh...and the cab is terrible. Has no low end at all. The cab is 16 ohm too, and I'm not sure if that amp head has switchable ohms on the back or not...I think its just 8ohm. You could still safely run a 16 ohm cab with an 8ohm head, but it's not an ideal situation.
the thing is, I want a half stack. So I don't want to buy a 2x12. I already play through a Crate combo 2x12, but it's not mine, and I want for my own personal use a half stack.
It seems you are all about discontinued gear haha
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2x12 Cab
Well if you want a half stack and your serious about getting one, then save more money.

Just because it looks cool doesn't make it sound good. Cheap solid state half stacks usually don't sound good.

Now the head is a clone of a great ampeg SS amp if I do recall which actually will sound fien for metal. but the cab you should look for a 212 as it will be easier to transport and you can find a decent one for 250.
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