ok so my friend and i are looking for some good hard rock/metal bands with rhythm and lead guitarists so we can learn some songs. i'm more of a rhythm player and he is more of a lead player. we are looking for more modern stuff but some older stuff is ok. he hates old school metal (metallica, megadeth, guns 'n roses) and i hate screamo/deathcore so don't suggest those. some of the bands we both like are a7x, bfmv, and slipknot. also, we like just about anything post-grunge/alt. metal (breaking benjamin, seether, etc.). thanks
Pretty much all of the bands you mentioned have 2 guitarists. And maybe try some Trivium, All That Remains, and Protest the Hero if your feeling froggy
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no i don't like hair metal.
the bands i listed do have two guitarists. i was using them to tell around what area i am looking for. don't suggest songs from them.
i said i don't like deathcore, not metalcore. there's a difference.
please don't post comments about what music we like and don't like. this thread is for suggestions.
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Guns and Roses? Since when is that metal?

You've got to remember that metal is a genre that is constantly being retroactively redefined. GnR used to be the first name people thought of when the word "metal" came up, back in the AFD era. Must have been before your time.
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In Flames always have cool guitar lines. Also, Dir en Grey don't exactly have a rhythm/ lead setup that the two guitarists adhere to, but they are always playing interesting stuff. They never play the exact same things.