So I bought a Peavey 6505+ without any preamp tubes and need to buy some. I know it requires 12AX7's but will it matter what kind? Will I be able to just throw any kind of 12AX7s I want in there or what? Also I have noticed some sites talking about how they use a certain tube in "v1" or "v2" and so on. Are these just the spot in which the tube goes or something else? Thanks!
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the amp should take any kind of 12AX7 preamp tubes. but make sure it's 12AX7.

v1, v2, etc are the tube designators. so yes, it's the spot in which tube goes in. most amps it says on the amplifier or the manual which tube (v, for valve) is v1, v2. many people believe some tubes are better than other tubes in certain positions of the tubes.
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