So this is a song for my band Wreck Plus.

But two of the guys didn't like it...

What do think of it? How can I improve it ?

Its only a demo done with guitar pro and me playing guitar on it, to help them learning it, so the quality isn't great.

It's in my profile:

I do C4C

By the way, we play stoner rock and here's our myspace page:
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Not bad. Could use some on improvement on production/tone, but songwriting-wise, it's engaging. I would use vocals with lots of discretion. They should generally have less influence, especially on the ambient sections. These parts are well voiced on their own. Don't **** with it too much. You got a solid song on your hands, a rare commodity in terms of jam-like classical (post) rock. Yeah man.
So I listened to the two songs on your band's myspace, and this. I've got to say that as far as composition goes, your song blows those two on the myspace out of the water. It's got a really nice mix of old school rock/metal sounds with those ambient, Pink Floyd type sounds. This is a really unique piece of music. I'd say just fix up the solo and make sure all the parts are in time and you're good. I would tell you the quality could be better, but I'm guessing there isn't a whole lot you can do about that right now.

Take your pick out of these two uploads.

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Sorry I been MIA! I see you guys got LOTS of new material up! The quality sounds ALOT better!

Dug all the riffs, sounds like something straight of the 70's, the better half even. I want to say either Deep Purple, or 80's Sabbath. I love 80's Sabbath JUST SO YA KNOW. The solo run ala 2:11 made me orgasm, I admit it, theres nothing wrong with it! DONT JUDGE ME!

Where was the vocalist this go 'round? Also, you gonna let me in on a tab for that solo around 3:33 ,C'MONNNNN, sounds real raunchy. I like it. I like that main riff though, the more I hear it, the more it reminds me of Gillian ran Sabbath. Very great vibe!

Anyway! good stuff bro
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Thanks dude !

Well yeah my band is doing good, theres no line up changes, it's just that i recorded this one to show him

We got a live ep we're gonna release ! You should be able to hear it soooooon

Also I don't have tabs for my solos, I compose and play the best one i can do at that time, and then i learn it again by ear.

And then i remember it
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This is cool.

The slow intro building up-the two guitars, and the smooth drums along with the bass-a winning combo. Love the chorus (or at least what I assume is the chorus!), and the verses are pretty sweet as well. I love the soloey type thing that finishes at 2:24. That is really cool. I also like the fact that unlike many songs heard wherever, the drums actually aren't repetitive. They are constantly changing slightly. Love it.

(I think I hear some kind of a synth. Am I mistaken?)

This is filed with lovely little guitar goodies, and I love it-screw your band members!!! lol. No no no. I'm sure they're nice guys lol. But I seriously love it.


If you crit my song titled "Soundtrackie". It is found here:


And the Thread where you can post comments issss here!

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Sounds really cool. I like me some stoner times to times. The song is really bluesy and moody, just like good stoner should be. I hope you're gonna do vocals, because then this song would be great.

It's pretty hard to crit it while it's still in production, but this song has potential.

Meanwhile, C4C?
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