Ok, I know that soloing is more about the feel than anything else, but damnit if I can't sweep for the life of me. And, by the way I'm NOT one of those, "Dragonforce is the coolest band ever!!!" kind of guys because they aren't. However they do use techniques that I'd love to pick up. I've been playing for nearly seven years and still can't do it. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!

P.S. - Some of my favorite "sweepers" are Laiho, Becker, Gilbert, Friedman and Heafy. I don't necessarily want to play like them but would definitely love to be influenced by them.
You're not taking it slow enough. Honestly. keep it at a snail's pace for a solid WEEK. I'm not kidding, it helps you nail the form and technique. Then slowly start adding speed and some complexity... it takes time. It's one of the most synchronized techniques IMO
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You need to keep it slow and practice with a metronome. It's a very hard technique if not the hardest to pick up... just keep practicing
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Haha, that video was awesome. Just using a loop pedal, genius.
Practice it slow, very slow, at 20~30bpm. See if you hear every note you sweep, and gradually increase the speed. First day, the max bpm you should reach is 30, and you should pactice a lot. The following days you will go faster and faster. Don't worry if you haven't got it in a week or two, sweep picking is probably the hardest picking technique to learn.